CRH380D EMU of Coach

Release time:  2018-12-17



  • High running speed. The designed operational top speed is 380km/h, and the maximum test speed is 420km/h。

  • High structural safety. The car-body is an aluminum alloy integral structure with crashworthiness design, and the energy absorption capacity of the frond end energy absorbers is 2MJ.

  • High reliability. Based on the mature technology of CRH1-200 and CRH1-250, and the design concepts of “fault oriented safety” are adopted.

  • High running quality. High running safety and excellent riding comfort supported by novel designed high speed bogies.

  • High intelligent and effective traction redundancy concept.

  • Low energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection. Low operating resistance design through aerodynamic optimization, regenerative braking technology developed for the converts braking kinetic energy into electrical energy and feed it back.